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  • How do you make such great travel packages?
    First, I choose a mode of transportation that delights. From planes, trains, automobiles or ships, just the right mix makes for a memorable journey to the destination. Then I add spectacular lodging options from a cityscape, to beachfront property, a presidential suite, or room overlooking a theme park. Next, I sprinkle in some fabulous "dining plus" options like rotating and high-rise restaurants, famous chef restaurants, sunset dinner cruises, or dinner shows like luaus. Lastly, adding events and site-seeing to round out the overall experience, from a museum, theme park visit, horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, or attending a sporting event."
  • What if my travel plans change?
    You will be notified at the time of booking of the deposit and final payment amounts and due dates for each. Any cancellation considerations will be reviewed at the time of booking.
  • Are there fees for booking through you?
    For the majority of trips, the answer is NO. Travel vendors pay commissions to the travel advisor. If you choose non-commissionable bookings, a trip advisory fee may be charged and you will be notified if this should become applicable.
  • What if there are problems with my trip?
    Prior to travel, I will monitor the trip for any changes or potential disruptions. During travel, a good travel insurance is the best option to assist if things change while you are away from home. I can be contacted during your trip to assist with any unforeseen enroute changes.
  • Can you let me know when my desired destination is on sale?
    Yes, by following Here I Go Travel Co. on Facebook, you can receive notifications when destinations advertise sales. In addition, I maintain “watch lists.” Once you provide your contact information and desired destination (or interests), I will notify you personally when a discount is announced. Also, once deposit is made for a specific destination, routine checks for discounts will continue from the time of booking until the time of travel to look for potential rebooking opportunities at a discounted price.
  • You helped me book my Disney trip, but now we want to go somewhere else. Can you help us with another trip?
    Absolutely. I am able to book all sorts of trips, from tours of NYC or Washington D.C. to simple hotel- only stays along your driving trip to a National Park.
  • What are your favorite destinations?
    Well, of course, Disney comes to mind. I’ve been to both Disneyland and Disney World too many times to count. But, what really drives my hunger for travel is the memories that are created. Whether that's a tried and true destination or something completely new. I also love new locations, with new things for me to try, and I make a point to try the local cuisine.
  • I travel alone. What do you do for solo travelers?
    I have made hundreds of trips as a solo traveler and will do my best to protect your personal safety and will advise you through any cost considerations that are specific to solo travel.
  • Why do you donate a portion of proceeds to Vet Tix?
    I have been blessed and choose to give back by generously donating to charity. Vet Tix was chosen because it benefits US Veterans (which I am passionate about), involves assisting with travel (which I am passionate about), and is a 95% charity (which I am passionate about). It’s a win-win-win!
  • We have multiple families coming from multiple cities on this trip. Are you able to book for everyone?
    It would be my pleasure to bring together multiple groups and can coordinate arrival and departure travel as well as ground transportation and overnight accommodations for each person in the group. Multi-family travel is one of my specialties and I can book multiple rooms or larger accommodations for the whole group.
  • We want to do Disney as just a portion of a larger trip. Can you help us book the entire trip?
    Of course, multi-city travel is one of my specialties. I can book multiple one-way flights, one-way rental cars, and multiple hotel stays to suit the needs of your entire trip.
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